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Brian/Justin. Feel the love.

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Welcome. This community features episodes recaps from Queer as Folk, with strong focus on Brian, Justin and their relationship during the Seasons. And silly comments from me, your insane host lennongirl. Join, friend, have fun:D

Another community? For who?

If you have no idea about Queer as Folk and don't know who Brian and Justin are, but would like to find out more, you've come to the right place. We'll start with Season One, Episode One and enter the world of B/J step by step from there. Look at hot and sweet caps, read some of the dialogues, get to know and love them. I hope this will help you until you've got a chance to really watch the series, as this is something you really need to do. Until then, I'm here for you.

You don't even need to have a LiveJournal to comment. This community is open for everyone.

If you know all about B/J, I hope you'll still join my on this trip down memory lane. Because hey, could you ever get enough? I know I can't.

As for now, I'll be the only one to post here, just in case you're wondering. But you can comment your ass off.

How to get started:

1. My general policy about taking caps etc.

2. A first short introduction to the most important Season 1 characters and places More will be added later as we move along. Also, there will be a new introduction for Season 2 characters, since they all change etc.

3. The community's memories section will function as an archive. In here, you'll find links to all episode-related posts.

4. The episode posts: all words in italics are direct quotes from the series. The rest is my own interpretation/comment.

5. Again: NO HOTLINKING!!!! I try my best to keep my bandwith at bay so I can give you recaps, so just don't.

Last but not least:

This community will be under permanent construction. I really plan to do all episodes, one after the other, and I'll update as often as possible. Please, feel free to comment on each update, let's swoon, drool or discuss. Also, point out any kind of mistake, thanks. In short, I appreciate any kind of input.

If you'd like to affiliate or have any other question, contact me. Either here or in my personal journal. And, by all means, pimp as much as you want.


Buttons for pimping/linking/affiliates:

All buttons and the banner by paddies, thank you so much ♥

Also, thanks to claireyfairy1, for holding my hand, adding her 2 cents, beta'ing and all that. It's your baby, too ;)

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