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115 Recap - Brian/Justin. Feel the love. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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115 Recap [Dec. 31st, 2004|03:11 am]


[mood |tiredtired]

Sorry for not updating earlier, but rl's been a mess plus I had computer trouble. Things are better now, yay, so here's some more. Enjoy!

1. Daddy takes care (00:30-02:03)

Mmmmhhh. The episode opens with Justin under the shower, shaking his head and splashing water from his wet hair everywhere. Yum. And we get more wet and naked!Justin in the bedroom.

At the same time, Lindsay's instructing Brian about Gus's napping scheme, emergency phone numbers and his little beanie hat. Apparently the baby's gonna spend some time with his daddy, yay! Linday's got to go to some conference at work and Mel is somewhere in Miami until Sunday, so she asked Brian to take care of Gus. For the whole weekend, no less. Uh oh. Brian thinks Lindsay should go and have some fun, lesbian-style:


Justin joins the parents and awwww, he kisses Gus and the baby touches him and Brian, so sweet OMG.

Justin: "Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on him, too."
Brian: "I don't need you to keep an eye on him."
Justin: "I meant you."
Brian: "I'm his father. I'm not gonna fuck it up."

Lindsay doesn't seem to be fully convinced. Can't really blame her.

2. Another son (04:53-06:53)

At the diner. Since good friends share everything, Michael also takes care of a kid over the weekend: Dr Dave's son Hank comes to visit, yay! Michael's all worried and concerned, but Brian tells him to relax (in Kinney speak, of course).

Brian: "Fuck him, he's just a kid."
Michael: "He's not just a kid, he's David's son and you know what that means."
Justin: "You're the wicked stepmother."
Michael: "What?"
Justin: "You're the wicked stepmother. Like in fairy tales."

Brian and Justin laugh and Michael is not amused. I, however, am. Very much so;)

Here's the Queer as Folk version of Three Man And A Baby:

From left: Justin's, Brian's and Michael's hand.

Zooming out:

I had no idea Michael's into Bears...well, well.

Brian tells Michael again that Hank will not hate him and everything's gonna be fine. Debbie joins and reminds Brian of Babylon's Leather Ball that's taking place at the weekend. But Brian says he'll skip it in favour of Gus. Right, we'll see about that.

3. Another father (7:41-10:23)

At the loft. Baby Gus is crying. Daddy Brian is at a loss and tries desperetaly to make his son suck on the pacifier.

Brian: "It's your pacifier, you should be sucking it."

The doorbell rings. Brian thinks it's the food he ordered, opens and returns to Gus.

Brian: "Gus. Think... nipple. Think cock. Whatever, whatever gets you there, come on."

Gus eventually takes the pacifier and makes his daddy proud.

Brian: "Your old man is not so bad at this."

The doorbell? Wasn't some delivery guy but Brian's father Jack Kinney. What a lovely surprise, only not. Jack notices Gus, of course.

Jack: "Hey...who's this?"
Brian: "This is... Gus, uhm, he's...Lindsay's kid. You remember Lindsay?"
Jack: "Tallish. Blonde. You used to take her out. She was a pretty girl. She's done one hell of a cute son. She leaves him with you?"
Brian: "Sometimes. So what are you doing wandering around town? A lady friend? Aren't you a little bit old for that?"

Jack: "That's not it."
Brian: "Need money?"
Jack: "No, I didn't come for your fucking money."
Brian: "Mom finally leave ya?"
Jack: "I've got cancer. Started in my lungs. It's already spread. My brilliant doctors discovered it on an X-ray during my physical last summer. Now, seems it's everywhere."

Brian: "Sorry."
Jack: "I'd rather The Warden do the honours, but she insisted I'd tell you and your sister in person, so you're hearing it from me."
Brian: "Thanks."

And Brian's food arrives.

4. You should tell him (12:15-16:02)

At the Novotny Home for Runaway Boys, Justin prepares breakfast. I think. It could also be a feast for 100 hungry mouths. The boy knows his way around the kitchen for sure.

Justin: "How do you want your waffles? In peaches and Grand Marnier, or cherries and rum?"
Vic: "Better yet, Wolfgang, why don't you skip the waffles and just serve the sauce? Straight up."

Brian and Gus arrive.

Brian: "Gus just puked all over me."
Justin: "Babies do that."
Brian: "Hm. But all over my favourite leather jacket."
Vic: "A fashion critic already!"

The jacket, what a shame.

Debbie enters, cooing all over Gus.

Brian: "You know, if you'd be interested in satisfying your maternal urges for a longer period of time, recreating the amber hues of Michael's childhood for an entire evening, for instance... that could be arranged."
Debbie: "You wanna go to the leather ball, huh?"

Brian, busted. Ha! Unfortunately, Debbie's got to work the night shift. Vic gets out to get some meds and Brian comments must be tough living with that, which gets Debbie's attention. She hands Gus over to Justin and asks Brian what's wrong, if he's sick.

Brian: "No. But my dad's got cancer."
Justin: "Your dad's sick?"

Brian: "He came over last night. To tell me that."
Debbie: "I'm so sorry. How long's he got?"
Brian: "Couple of months, tops."
Debbie: "Well, then... if you don't mind some free advice from someone who's known you a lot longer than you've known yourself, you should tell him."
Brian: "Tell him what?"
Debbie: "You know damn well, don't play dumb. He made a very big gesture in telling you about himself, I'm saying you should return the favour."
Brian: "No fucking way. My father hasn't known anything about my life for twentynine years, or cared. Why should I bother now?"
Debbie: "Because it's good for you."
Brian: "To tell a dying man I'm queer."
Debbie: "To be honest."
Brian: "I'm always honest."
Debbie: "You think you are. How honest is it to let your father go to his grave without ever really knowing who his son is, honey? Look, I know you think he never loved you, but it might be a way to get through to him. For whatever it's worth. Before it's too late."
Brian: "If I wanted a therapist, I'd look in the fucking Yellow Pages."
Debbie: "Yeah, but I'm a hell of a lot cheaper and I don't take off August."
Brian smiles and walks over to Justin, who's still holding the baby. Gus started crying again.
Justin: "I bet he's hungry. Can I feed him?"
Brian: "What are you doing tonight?"

Justin looks all hopeful, but I bet Brian's got something, or rather someone else for him in mind to spend the evening with.

5. Leather, baby. (16:46-19:05)

The Leather Ball @ Babylon. Emmett has dressed up for the occasion:

Brian arrives, all in leather, with cigar, asking Emmett if he'd like to polish his boot with tongue. Here! I'd do it! Uhm, wait, Brian? Where's Gus? Looks as if young Taylor couldn't resist the Kinney charme and volunteered to babysit. I wonder how Brian bribed him...gapfiller anyone? :P Back to the scene.

The boys watch a scene involving some guy secured to a cross and getting whipped by a masked man. Turns out Mr Mask is an old buddy of Ted, well, what do you know. At day, he's the successful businessman, at night, he's Mr Leather and spanks his slaves. After a lot of back and forth during the whole episode,Ted, who get teased by his friends of being boring and predictable, becomes the leopard who eventually changes his spots and visits his friend's dungeon for a, uhm, session.

6. I don't need a fucking Daddy (22:48-23:50)

Meanwhile Brian (with really hot leather pants, did I mention that?) is busy in the backroom. He's just about to fuck some trick, when another trick apprears and makes a move. Brian tells guy #2 to Fuck off, but guy is persistant: You'd like that, would you? I can tell you need a Daddy.

Uh oh. Guy molests Brian some more, until Brian yells I don't need a fucking followed by a softer Daddy, and that's the end of tonight's backroom adventures with Kinney for anyone involved, 'cause Brian leaves.

7. I'm his father. Who are you? (27:58-29:31)

Brian gets home and into deep, deep trouble. Mel's in the loft, arguing with Justin who was just about to give Gus hot milk without testing it on his arm first. Uh oh. But Mel's not really pissed at Justin, more at Brian for leaving her son to go out fucking. Okay, that's debatable.

Brian: "What the fuck are you doing here?"
Mel: "I came back from Miami earlier and there's a message on my voicemail from Lindsay saying that she left Gus here with you. So I came by to check on him and it's a good goddamn thing I did. Pawning him off on anyone so you can go to a fucking Leather Ball?"
Brian: "Hey, Justin's not anyone!"

Oh. Oh? Yeah, damn right he isn't, not only isn't he 'anyone' for Brian (we knew that already, didn't we), he's also the guy who named Gus, Mel! And by the way, why is Justin wearing track pants in almost every scene this episode? They shape his ass very well and I find it kinda distracting. Uhm, rambling, sorry.

Justin: "I love Gus!"
Mel: "Baby, I know you do, honey, this isn't about you. You take him. This is about you
[pointing at Brian] and what an irresponsible shit you are."
Brian: "Listen, I went out for a couple of hours..."
Mel: "Yeah, well, you shouldn't have been out at all, because you see, the thing about parenthood is, you don't get anonymous sex breaks twice a day, now give me your car keys."
Brian: "Uh, excuse me?"
Mel: "I said gimme your car keys so I can got the babyseat out of the back of your Jeep. I'm taking Gus home."

Brian: "No you're not. This is his home. At least for this weekend."
Mel: "Sorry. Your privileges have been revoked!"
Brian: "Don't fucking tell me what my privileges are! I'm his father. Who are you?"
Mel: "I may be no one, but at least I love him enough to know that his needs come before mine. Which is more than can be said for you."

8. Brian A. Kinney (31:19-33:18)

Next morning at the Diner.

Debbie tells Brian how proud she is of him, giving up the Leather Ball for looking after his son. Well, we all know how that went. As do Ted and Emmett.

Emmett: "Altruism is his middle name."
Ted: "Oh, is this what the 'A.' stands for?"

Justin then, Justin arrives.

Justin: "Actually, I'm the one..."
Brian: "Psst!"
Brian pulls Justin down and whispers: "Uhm, give me up, and I'll tie your balls so tight, they'll ache for a week."

Justin: "Is this punishment?" *snorts*

Brian: "Mh-hm."
Justin, to Debbie: "I helped!"

Just in case you're wondering: no, this isn't a Michael-free episode. Or a David free episode. They're both busy with the doc's offspring Hank, who's not really interested in ice skating and going to museums. He confides in Michael and they bond over comics. In the end, even David recognized that his kid is just that - a kid. Just like Michael told him. Just like Brian told Michael. I'm just sayin':P

9. Confessing (35:06-37:58)

Back to Daddy issue number...3? I'm about to lose count. The Kinney mansion. Jack moves boxes in the garage, Brian joins him. Confession time!

Brian: "We need to talk."
Jack: "You know, I think that's the first time I ever heard you saying that."
Brian: "Yeah, that's probably because that's the first time I ever have. I just thought that maybe we could, uh..."
Jack: "Sneak it under the wire? Hey! I got some books here..."
Brian: "I'm gay."

Jack pauses and turns to Brian. They both stare at each other for some moments.

Jack: "Well, you picked a hell of a fucking time to tell me you're a fairy. As if I don't have enough to deal with. Jesus."

Jack: "You're the one that should be dying instead of me."


Brian grabs him and is about to punch him but stops in time and punches one of the boxes instead.

Brian: "But I'm not dying, you selfish old prick. You are."

And Brian's off.

10. And a grandfather to top it off (45:12-48:19)

At the loft. Brian's undressing while Lindsay's scolding him, it's still about the Leather-Ball-while-babysitting-thing. They argue when suddenly, Jack Kinney shows up. Jack says he just wanted to show Brian something - an old photograph of them when Brian was four months old.

Brian says he doesn't want it, drops it and walks back to the bedroom.

Jack: "You might change your mind one day when I'm gone."
Brian: "I doubt it."
Jack: "You know, you can really pack a wallop for a fairy. Just don't tell your mother, you understand? Shell be a fucking mess three times a day..."

He then spots Lindsay and chats a bit with her.

Jack: "You have yourself a beautiful son. Well, I guess I'll be on my way."
Brian: "There's someone else I want you to say hello to."

Brian: "Your grandson."
Jack: "My grandson. What the fuck's going on? Are you screwing with me, Sonny Boy?"
Brian: "No, I'm not screwing with you."
Lindsay: "Jack, would you like to hold him?"

Jack wants to.

And while the new Grandad says hello to Gus, Brian picks up the old photograph from the ground and looks back and forth between the pic and his father and son.

End of episode.


Extra pic, because look at how Gale is having fun with the baby in this scene. The baby makes funny noises and he raises his eyebrows at him. OMG, too cute:

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[User Picture]From: rosi
2004-12-31 12:54 pm (UTC)
Mikey - the whiny wicked stepmother. *lol*

And daddy!Brian. He's so adorable. As are you, of course, for making me watch S1 again.

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[User Picture]From: lennongirl
2005-01-01 11:55 pm (UTC)
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