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118 recap - Brian/Justin. Feel the love. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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118 recap [Jan. 26th, 2005|12:02 am]


[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |INXS - Devil Inside]

Hello! Apart from the usual summary with caps and quotes, I also uploaded a clip. Enjoy!

1. This Cowboy Dance (00:30-06:22)

Babylon! All our boys are dancing. Awww.

Random guy tries to hit on Michael, but Michael dismisses him because he's in a relationship. Meanwhile, Brian and Justin are still dancing. No, wait. They walk around, heading back to the dancefloor. Whatever. They pass a couple on their way.

Justin: "Making out on the dance floor. Did you ever see anything so juvenile?"
Brian: "Oh, I guess you're too mature for that now that you're a college man."

Michael: "Who's a college man?"
Brian: "Little Justin's been accepted to Dartmouth."
Michael: "Wooo, an Ivy Leaguer. Mumsy and Daddy must be so proud!"
Justin: "I decided not to go."
Brian: "Since when?"
Justin: "Since I realized that I could never be a business major. I decided I want to go to the Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts."
Emmett: "La-dee-da!"
Justin: "If I can get in."
Brian: "And here I thought I was finally rid of you."
Justin, grabbing Brian: "Not until I say so!"

Michael: "I can just imagine what your parents will say."
Justin: "I don't care what my parents say. I gotta do what's gonna make me happy."
Ted: "Spoken like a true disciple of Brian."

Next, Ted spots Blake. Remember Blake, the tweaked out twinkie who put Ted in coma in episode 3? Well, he's back. He says hello to Ted, whose friends observe the scene. Blake is still high on crystal. But also still cute, according to Ted.

Brian is about to leave, to say his prayers, and asks Michael why he isn't home with his hubby. Michael explains David is at some business dinner. Aha. That's why Michael's got the evening off, huh? Justin offers to go with Brian, but Brian declines: Not tonight. Once Brian is gone, Justin asks Michael where he's going, but Michael only smirks.

2. The Bathhouse (06:33-07:37)

Brian at the Baths. What a way to spend an evening. Imagine it like this: men naked or wrapped into a towel only, walking around, checking each other out or fucking in little cabins. Yeehah. Brian's checking the scene, meeting Marty, a familiar face.

Marty: "Hey Brian! What brings you to the Ninth Circle of Hell?"
Brian: "I was reading Gorky and got a taste for the lower depths."
Marty: "See anything, uh, interesting?"
Brian: "A tall redhead in 27 with a black leather dildo."
Marty: "Oh him, yeah. He's definitely a possibility for later."
Brian: "Other than that, it's pretty much all markdowns."
Marty: "Well, if you get into anything, you know, give me a holler. I'll be happy to stick a finger in your ass and suck on your balls while you're fucking him."
Brian: "You're a real pal, Marty."

Indeed :P

3. What's up... (08:50-11:08)

At the Baths, Brian enters what must be the, well, group room. Sex everywhere. To give you an idea:

Eventually, two guys arrive and start licking Brian up and down (okay, more down than up). Random ani!geek info: the music here is Horny by the one and only Mousse T., my local hero, YAY ♥

Brian, however, gets distracted by another couple, one guy jerking off another. He gets closer, takes the towel of the guy who gets a handjob and whispers: Why don't you take off your towel and stay a while.

The other guy replies I don't fuck, turns and OMG, it's Dr David Cameron. Yes, that David. As in 'sorry, Michael, I can't go to Babylon because I have a business dinner'- David. BUSTED! Hahahahahaha! But wait, there's more: Brian's all like WTF, looks David up and down, glances at his crotch and says What's up...Doc? *snorts* Gets me every single time.

4. You're in! (12:53-14:49)

At the NHfRB. Debbie's calling for Juuuuustin! who is coming! Alone. Down the stairs. Bugger. He joins Vic and Debbie for breakfast and uh oh, there's a letter waiting for Justin, from the Pittburgh Institute of Fine Arts (PIFA). Justin got accepted! Oh, how exciting.

5. The morning after (18:03-20:18)

The gym. Michael raves about how he and David went at it all night. Because David came home so turned on. From Dinner. Uh huh.

Brian: "So, I wonder why he was so turned on?"
Michael: "Because I'm irresistible."
Emmett: "Because they're in love. And unlike you, they don't have to prowl around the baths. They find everything they need, right at home."
Michael: "So how was it? Did you see anybody cute?"
Brian: "Not especially."

Some yummy sweaty gym!Brian for you:

6. Seperating (20:18-22:29)

In front of the Taylor's mansion. Justin tells Jennifer about PIFA and she's all like I always told you you were gifted, didn't I? However, she asks about Dartmouth and how Craig expects Justin to go there and how it would make a good living and all that, but Justin doesn't care. For him, it's all about becoming an artist: That's what I wanna do. Jennifer nods and adds it'll be hard convincing Craig. Suddenly, another woman appears, announcing she'll wander through the house. Justin asks what that's about.

Jennifer: "She's a realtor."
Justin: "What's she doing here?"
Jennifer: "Uhm... I've asked her to list the house."
Justin: "You're selling the house?"
Jennifer: "Justin... uhm... your dad and I... your dad and I feel that we... uhm... we no long-... we no longer..."
Justin: "What? What?"
Jennifer: "Oh... we're getting a divorce."

7. Health tips (22:29-23:54)

At the Diner. David is just telling Michael how hot he is, when Brian interrupts them.

He sits down right between them and orders a soda.

Brian: "You know, after any strenuous physical exertion, what you need is plenty of fluids."
David: "Thanks for the health tip."
Brian: "Any time. Speaking of exertion, Michael tells me you two had quite a night last night."
Michael: "Oh Jesus, Brian!"
David: "Aw, that's okay. Matter of fact, we did."
Brian: "So did I."
Michael: "Well, I don't think David wants to hear about your trip to..."
Brian: "You're right, you're right. He probably wouldn't approve. So what have you been up to lately, doc?"
David: "Not much, the usual."
Brian: "Uh huh. Michael tells me you had dinner with some client?"
David: "That's right."
Brian: "Talk about boring. Although I had this one client, Michael tell you the story? Meat and potatoes, wife and kids. Turned out... he was gay. Not only was he gay, but he wanted to fuck me."
David: "Imagine that."
Brian: "Yeah. What can I say, there's a lot of duplicitous people in the world."

8. Baby, it's cold outside (23:54-24:54)

David and Brian meet again outside the Diner. David babbles about he hates the cold and would rather live someplace warm but is still in Pittsburgh.

Brian: "Well maybe you're deceiving yourself thinking you want something you really don't."
David: "I want Michael. I love Michael. What you saw last night has nothing to do with that."
Brian: "You don't have to explain to me, doc. I'm not a member of the queer PC patrol. If you wanna go to the bathhouse and get your rocks off, I say do it. As long as you don't hurt him."
David: "I don't intend to. Do you?"

Michael arrives, talk is over. David=asshole.

9. Present! (28:54-30:06)

At Mel and Lindsay's place. The girls have a present for Justin: an art supply kit. Fancy. Justin is thankful, however, he has no real use for the gift: I have decided to go to Dartmouth. Uh oh.

10. No saint (32:15-33:54)

Michael's ex- and Emmett's current home. Michael is down and angry: David finally told him about his visit to the Bath.

Michael: "Mike: "I don't want to be a saint. I want to be a ruthless, heartless shit who fucks whoever he wants without conscience or remorse."
Brian: "I'm sorry, that position's already been filled."

Michael doesn't want David to do whatever and wherever he wants. Brian [sic!] suggests to put up some rules, decide what's acceptable and what's not. Michael's still not convinced. Brian says the alternative would be to move back in with Emmett: End it all over a handjob.

Btw, Ted is there, too. He found Blake on the floor in Babylon's bathroom the other night, brought him into a clinic and later took him in his own care.

11. You knew? (33:54-34:56)

On his way out, Michale whines some more about the situation with David. He also wonders why he asks Brian of all people for advice. Brian eventually says he has to give the doc some credit for telling the truth, and that's when Michael realizes Brian knew all along. He asks why Brian didn't tell him, and Brian has good reason for not doing so: If I had you'd probably think I was trying to break you up. Besides, it's not Brian's business. And yeah, why shouldn't Michael do the same as his 'partner'?

12. I've given up (37:35-40:12)

The NHfRB. Debbie found Justin's sketchbook in the trash and demands an explanation. Uh oh. Justin tells her he's giving it up and Debbie's all like WTF? She says the talent was given to Justin, it's who he is. Justin disagrees. He wants to go to Dartmouth, get an MBA and not cause his parents any more trouble. Debbie says Justin's not responsible for his parents' ruined marriage. All he is responsible for is his own life.

13. Forever Young (43:00-46:25)

Babylon! Ted his sulking. He thought Blake stole his wallet and accused him of doing so, but he'd lost it in Emmett's couch. Oh well.

Ted: "I gotta find him."
Brian: "Look on the bathroom floor"
Ted: "Fuck you!"

What follows now is the infamous Forever Young scene. Named after the song that's playing. Cuteness ahead. And Brian's wearing the red shirt, OMG.

Justin at the bar.

Justin: "I said I want a beer."
Bartender: "Not without I.D."
Justin: "Who do you have to fuck to get a goddamn drink around here?"
Brian: "Me. Two beers. I'm thirsty."

If this isn't cuteness, I don't know what is. But wait, there's more.

Brian: "To Dartmouth. And to your bright shining future as Pittsburgh's new Andy Carnegie."
Justin: "I'll drink to that."
Brian: "Only I thought you were gonna be the next Andy Warhol."

Justin: "I changed my mind."
Brian: "And after all the trouble I went to, to make you the best homosexual I could. I cant believe you blew it, and with the flimsiest excuse. 'I’ve caused my parents enough pain' how can you even stand there and look me in the eye."
Justin: "It's true."
Brian: "It's bullshit. They cause their own pain, just like everybody else. And now you're gonna give up everything you want just to make them happy. That is totally fucked!"
Justin: "Shut up Brian! You don't know anything."
Brian: "I know it's scarier finding your own way, than doing what's expected."

Justin: "I'm not scared."
Brian: "You're fucking terrified. Just like the night you met me. I was sure you'd run back home. But you didn't. You said, 'I'm going with him'."

*dies a little*

Justin: "I cannot believe that you remember that. Considering you couldn't remember my name."

Brian: "And look what happened."
Justin: "I turned into a big queer."

He is so fucking BEAUTIFUL.

Brian: "Yeah, lucky for you, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time. It's too late now. There's no turning back."

And Brian drags him onto the dancefloor. And they dance. And kiss. And awwww.

EXTRA SPECIAL FOR YOU! Here's a clip of the Forever Young talk/dance for you. It's from paddies (THANKS, BT ♥) and she allowed me to post, so I share with you. Click on one of the mirrors (both the same, use up #1 first), new window with further instrucion will open. If it runs out, let me know and I see what I can do. Enjoy!

Forever Young Clip, 15 MB, WMV file: Mirror 1 || Mirror 2

14. A kind of magic (49:23-51:12, end scene)

After a reunion scene of Michael and David, we're back at the NHfRB. Justin is printing out his application letter to Dartmouth. He looks at his jeans jacket hanging at the back of the door. He flips the latter over and start drawing the jacket on its back. He draws like a madman and looks happy.

End of Episode 118.

Feedback is always cherished. Take what you want, for whatever, credit would be nice, just remember:


[User Picture]From: lennongirl
2005-01-26 12:15 am (UTC)
Yeah... The one cap I said he's so beautiful? Look at him. It's the look of love.

Novotny House for Runaway Boys?

Two episodes ago, I used JrfkaMritNHfRB (Justin's room, formerly knows as Michael's room in the Novotny Home for Runaway Boys), but I shortened it. And it's not in the room, only the house, so... yeah.
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